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Our possibilities in metalworking

UMI is well known by demanding costumers.
That is for good reasons.

UMI uses Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Both in the preparation for machine programs as well as in measuring programs. UMI handles any type of 3D model, and is otherwise capable of producing these models within the company. The use of CAM enables UMI to quickly and adequately respond to all demands.

UMI’s advanced machinery and high-tech programming facilities enable UMI:

• Fast delivery of prototypes, 3D printed if needed.
• Production of both simple as well as very complex parts.
• Both singular as well as serial production due to robotic loading.
• Both very small (precision technology <1mm) as well as large products (>1m).
In the instance where parts might need post-treatment, UMI offers, amongst others:

• Surface treatment, such as anodizing, chromating, passivation, etc.
• Surface treatment, such as nickel plating, galvanizing, gold-plating, varnishing, etc.
• Heat treatment, such as tempering, nitriding, tenifer, kolsterising, etc.
• Research treatment, such as rupture inspection, magnetic inspection, etc.
UMI has a conditioned dust-free chamber from which can be delivered:
• Completely assembled end-products, including controls (electronics).
• Mechanical compositions, including test procedures.
• Subassemblies.
• Parts assembled and packaged under cleanroom conditions.
Quality Control
Certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Certification trajectory in late stage: EN 9100
Deliveries: JUST IN TIME and ZERO DEFECT (as a primary objective)
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