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Projects & Products

Graphic industry

Aluminium rolls, produced in large quantities for the graphic industry.

Solar panels

3D print next to the ‘flight model’ part, for application in the hinge construction of solar panels on satellites.


Stainless steel containers to be used in serial analysis of industrial processes, high-volume manufactured.

Nuclear medicine

Extremely small, high-end parts, used for intravenous radiation therapy.

VEGA launch vehicle

Series-produced base-brackets for the VEGA launch vehicle of ESA (European Space Agency).

VEGA launch vehicle

Final compositions of the clamping-brackets for the control thrusters of ESA’s VEGA launch vehicle.


Very Large Telescope, a project of ESO (European Southern Observatory) to combine the accumulated power of 4 telescopes into forming one single large telescope. The VLT is situated on Mount Paranal in Chili.

Flight simulator

Chassis of a flight simulator, completely produced and assembled by UMI.


Research project investigating the behaviour of bone structures during prolonged periods of weightlessness. Biopack was launched with the 2003 Space Shuttle.